Web Design for HbbTV and Connected Television

Viewing ordinary web pages on a large screen television set is rather hard to do.  To remedy this for HbbTV and Connected Television applications, there are some design rules and recommendations to consider.

Just like in "responsive web design" for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops we now need to add another display type to the option list.  The de facto broadcast industry standard is the "10 foot user interface" rule or 3 metre rule.  One needs to read and interpret the screen content comfortably from at least 10' (3m) distance and make it possible to navigate the screens with the ordinary infrared TV remote control unit.  HbbTV comes to help here by specifying a minimum set of buttons on the remote control to enable more easy navigation.  Besides that, portions from  the CE-HTML (Consumer Electronics HTML) standard have been borrowed and all of that has to fit in harmony with the latest W3C HTML5 standard.